Handcrafted cocktails, espresso-based drinks, and sodas range from the sophisticated to the sublime, while riding a steady stream-of-fun on the journey.

Our bartenders and baristas are jazzed by exploring combinations that bridge the gap between familiar-and-comforting and exotic-and-daring flavors and preparations – with finely crafted cocktails and our award-winning coffee and espresso roasts playing center stage. As staff and regulars, we love how daily menu and drink features push the envelope of the familiar and expose the beauty of the novel in such delicious ways. And clearly, we love a healthy dose of retro in all that we serve.

TEAS are whole leaf teas, and made for steeping in our oversized bowls.  

Octane's teas are bagged by us on-site to ensure that you can steep, and re-steep, your tea bowl for maximum enjoyment of these premium tea offerings.

apricot • black dragon • madagascar vanilla • monk's prayer • russian caravan • sencha spider leg • snow monkey plum • star of persia • temple of heaven • thai lemon • tibetan raspberry

COFFEES & ESPRESSO are roasted locally each week.

These award-winning roasts (voted Best In The Region) form the basis of our signature coffee drinks. In addition to featured coffee drinks, we serve truly too many hot and iced beverages to list. Here are some perennial favorites:

house coffee • turtle mochas • lolita mocha (vanilla + white chocolate) • salted caramel mochas • strawberry shortcake latte • black forest mocha (chocolate + cherry) • almond joy mochas • plus creative seasonal features  •  all coffee drinks available leaded or unleaded • skim, whole, soy milks available • Ghirardelli chocolates and caramels

SPECIALTY SODAS featuring Monin, Torani, and House-Made syrups.

Created by the staff with input from our regulars, we offer delicious non-alcoholic soda offerings, such as:

cherry pepsi • vanilla pepsi • blue dew • cherry-lime ricky • almond creme sodas (with half-n-half) • oil slicks (pepsi + vanilla + espresso), leaded, unleaded, or skinny (diet pepsi) • dreamsicle sodas (strawberry or orange)

FRESH JUICES for morning or Saturday brunches.

In addition, we juice our lemons and limes for all drinks fresh daily.  

Juice-based drinks include:

fresh lemonade • strawberry lemonade • arnold palmers (made with our whole leaf tea + lemonade) • orange juice

CRAFT BEER menu curated by our bartenders.

We also ask for input from staff and regulars who *LOVE* good beer. 

Changes seasonally, visit to see what's current!

WINE by the glass or the bottle.  

Menu changes seasonally, with input from our staff who *LOVE* good wine. 

COCKTAILS capturing both classic flavors and unique inspirations appear on our adult beverage menu.

Our high standards for food and coffee is also applied to our love of an excellent drink, or as we like to call them, "Boozy Treats". 

Made with muddled Luxardo cherries, our Old Fashioned may be "the best in the land".  Manhattans, Whiskey Sours, Moscow Mules, LemonDrops, the vintage charm of the Sazerac (Bulleit rye, Peychaud's bitters, simple syrup, and absinthe) and several others round out our Classic Cocktail menu offerings. 

Our Signature Cocktail list is lengthy, and ranges from the BOOT STRAP (bourbon cocktail with Gran Marnier, simple syrup, and a shot of Octane's freshly pulled espresso) to the PINK PUSSYCAT (Malibu Mango, X-Rated, and fresh lemonade), to CHOCOLATINIS (Godiva Chocolate liquor, vanilla vodka, and cream de cacao), to the GIN BLOSSOM (gin, lavender syrup, lemon juice, and soda water). 

Perennial favorites such as MAI TAI (with our unique recipe for deliciousness!), seasonally changing SANGRIA, decadent BLOODY MARYs, and featured event-night cocktails round out Octane's Boozy Treats.